Advances In Bulk Liquid Transportation Equipment

August 15, 2012

Food Logistics Online MagazineAccording to Food Logistics Online Magazine,  “there are various options available to companies when it comes to transporting bulk products, including tanks, bins, and inflatable storage tanks.

Not only are newer products helping companies ensure hygiene and cargo security, they can also help companies reduce overall transportation costs.”

Later in the article EPT’s BIG Red Flexitanks and WinePacs are mentioned specifically as examples of “newer transportation products.”


Social Media For Manufacturers

August 8, 2012

7 Reasons Why Manufacturers Should Take Part In Social Media

You’ll want to fish where the fish are. Businesses that pay your bills, (your customers) and businesses whose bills you pay (your suppliers) are already there.

While It may be too late to be early, it’s still early enough not to be late!   You’ll want to stake your claim to your social media company name and keywords before someone else does.

  1. The cost to enter and participate in social media is miniscule when compared to traditional media. Social media can reduce your advertising and marketing costs.
  2. Social media can boost corporate authority and thought leadership.
  3. Social Media can generate feedback and help you improve customer service.
  4. Social media can significantly increase traffic to your business blog and company website.
  5. Social media can help monitor and manage your brand.
  6. Social media can provide free competitive research.
  7. Social media can improve search engine rankings for your website by consistently posting to your business blog and linking to your posts in your social media updates. In other words social media can help generate new prospects and leads.

    The formula for online social media marketing success for manufacturers is actually the same as it is for everyone else:

    More qualified traffic will generate more qualified leads, which will ultimately result in increased sales.

Meet EPT Master Fitter Elsa Martinez

July 5, 2012

This is the third post in our “Meet the Faces of EPT” series.

The EPT’s spirit and its Houston warehouse operations is headed by Elsa Martinez.  Elsa has been with EPT since its inception in 2007 and provides the overseeing of all depot activities at its 6100 North by Northwest location.  Part of the success of EPT is due to its employees’ dedication to quality service and Elsa epitomizes this on a daily basis.  Her can-do attitude and constant smile has helped win over many a client as well as a disgruntled trucker.

Having been one of the original EPT Master Fitters globally, Elsa is extremely qualified in installations of both the BIG Red Flexitanks  and BIG Red Dryliners as well as training of new fitters.

Elsa manages the daily installation, transloading and distribution services for the Houston warehouse.  She has personally fitted over 3000 flexitanks and has the affectionate nick name of the “energizer bunny” because she is never sits still.

EPT’s fitters are the best in the world through proper training and attention to details and Elsa is a large part of the success.

Meet EPT Logistics Coordinator Diana Martin

June 20, 2012

EPT’s Logistical department offers its customers global freight forwarding services, local trucking, installation coordination and transloading services.  One of the experienced Logistics Coordinators is Diana Martin.  Diana has been providing  EPT customers with friendly service with a smile over three years.

As part of her duties, Diana is responsible for order requests, ocean bookings, trucking scheduling and installation coordination of BIG Red Flexitanks for her customer accounts.  She not only handles logistical requests but also customer service and account coordination for her assigned customers.   Satisfaction with our products and services is her primary goal and Diana consistently strives to ensure that EPT is meeting its customers’ expectations.

Not only is Diana a great asset to EPT but in her spare time she continues to help other by volunteering  for the Basenji Rescue and Transport and also the Texas Cattle Dog Rescue societies.

For more information on availability of EPT Flexitanks in your area, please contact Environmental Packaging Technologies at (713) 961-2715 or

EPT Exhibits At ExpoCargo 2012 in Mexico City

June 13, 2012

Environmental Packaging Technologies exhibited along with its Mexico agent, Euromex Logistica Internacional at the ExpoCargo 2012, June 5-7 in Mexico City.

The 3 day trade show is the largest of its kind in Mexico involving transportation and logistics.   The show was a major success for EPT furthering its dominance of the Mexican Flexitank market.

EPT representation was provided by Santiago Carus, Erick Archila,  Mario Lagos and Nancy Wendrock.

Flexitank Safety and the High Cost of Ignoring It

May 30, 2012

Environmental Packaging Technologies, (EPT) will be exhibiting at the Expo Carga 2012 Logistics convention in Mexico City next week, June 5-7 with their partner, Euromex Logistica Internacional.  The EPT booth is number 710.

Nancy Wendrock

EPT International Operations Manager, Nancy Wendrock, will be giving a presentation on “Flexitank Safety and the High Cost of Ignoring It” on Thursday, June 7th at 6:00pm-6:50pm.

For more information, visit Expo Carga 2012, Euromex Logistica Internacional, and the EPT Flexitank website. 

EPT Operations Planning Manager Stephen Kennedy

May 23, 2012

This is the first in a series of monthly posts that will introduce you to the people of Environmental Packaging Technologies (EPT).

Meet Stephen Kennedy: EPT Operations Planning Manager

Stephen KennedyThe worldwide responsibility for maintaining proper supply levels of EPT Flexitanks falls to Steve Kennedy – Operations Planning Manager.  Through precise supply-demand forecasting, EPT’s Operations Planning department handles the coordination of flexitank production scheduling at the factory from raw materials requirements through shipments of finished products globally.  In addition to maintaining historical sales and inventory tracking, Steve also manages the worldwide collection programs for swept bar recovery and disposal assistance.

Having the proper inventory mixes in stock globally, is one of the many reasons EPT readily satisfies its customer’s demands.  Operational Planning on a global scale is both critical and mandatory for success.  For more information on availability of EPT Flexitanks in your area, please contact Environmental Packaging Technologies at 713) 961-2715 or

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